Intello Education Group was established since 2008 and was certified by the Ministry of Education. Intello Education Group emphasizes in the interaction betweek the students and the teachers in order to stimulate the students’ initiative and aggressiveness. We strongly believes that motivation creates learning interest and identifies their purpose of learning along the road. Our objective is to build students’ own organisational and logical thinking ability, with the opportunities to put what they’ve learnt into practice.

Choosing a course is an important and exciting decision. At Intello Education Group, we specialise and focus mainly on Languages, Creative Writing Workshops, Dramas, Motivational Workshops and Tuition Classes. Our courses are equipped to address full ranges of questions concerning academic and non-academic, as well as social and residential like. Through these courses, we have nurtured talented students from a wide spectrum of backgrounds.

Intello Education Group has been in business for nine years. Intello Education Group started with only eight students and now has over 100 students. Currently, we have two centres; one Language Centre in Taman Desa Tebrau and one Tuition Centre located in Taman Gaya respectively. Our new opening branch in Adda Heights. With rising numbers in our students statistic, we are resolute in our belief that our education has enriched the learning and living of those individual whom we habe reached out for.

The influence of teachers are crucial in any education scene. Teachers at Intello Education Group have many requirements to meet and are 100% well-qualified. All these teachers are university graduates and usually have received their teaching certificates. They are hired for their subject expertise and good reputation. They generally deal with students and are well-equipped with classroom technology and current information.

Using the lessons from five years of experience in educating our students, Intello Education Group will ensure the students are taught using the latest technology giving the students the best visual and audio learning opportunities. Students can get access to a range of support and study facilities. In addition, we provide a fully compregensive environment completed with a library, waiting hall with entertainment, conference room with projector, and canteen.